Defcon Media, Inc.

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Defcon Media is a content creating studio built upon a team of award winning film makers, producers, editors, creatives, adventure seekers and disruptive thinkers; working together to bring to life breathetaking and emotional content from inception right through to likes, hashtags and shares.




We are specialists in outdoor, adventure, travel and tourism, and bring with us unrivalled expertise in collaborating with Fortune 500 companies and world class athletes and performers, to deliver your campaign message to your audience in the most unique and exciting way.



At the core of every Defcon Media production are truly unique concepts, captivating narratives and a key creative hook to develop, grow and tell your story. Whether it be a fleeting, one-off idea, a fully integrated campaign or somewhere gloriously in-between; we bring our world renowned style and creative approach to every video project.


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Engaging storytelling and stunning cinematography no matter what the circumstances. From the ultimate in extreme and inaccessible locations involving highly technical shot creation to hugely challenging logistical demands and tight deadlines, we deliver. Our production team work closely with all our clients as we make even the most extraordinary projects come to life (on budget and on time, of course).

Defcon Media are a Content Agency working in collaboration with the worlds leading brands to create raw and inspiring video content.



From editing and color grading to VFX and post supervision, our in-house post production team have the creative skills to handle even the biggest challenges in the edit suite. Through collaboration with the creative and filming teams from the outset, each project benefits from the advice and influence of our super talented post production team to allow it to truly reach it’s potential.



In today’s fast changing digital landscape, distribution strategy is now just as important as the quality of your content. Going 'viral' is not as simple as it used to be! From the first engagement on any project, we're firmly focused on your brand goals, and making sure your content will reach and resonate with the right audience, as part of a fully coordinated campaign strategy.