5 Videos Your Business Needs Right Now

We understand you want your company to stand out from the rest. The problem is that you and your company are not alone. Whether you sell protein supplements or SUV's, we all encounter the same challenge. So what is the best and most efficient way to get your message out, define your story and create strong brand loyalty between you and your customers? The best marketing strategy to help increase your brands business is video.

The average internet user spends 88% more time on a website with video

 1. brand & Corporate overview video

A Corporate Overview Video is the dramatic entrance you've always wanted. Your brand’s story, personality and philosophy all get to be center stage. Add in employee's and client testimonials for a more personal angle. The truth is that with all the information floating in the universe, everyone will have their own varied ideas about who you are. A Corporate Overview Video is the best way to cut through all the assumptions and misconceptions and tell your brands story.

Three things to remember in making a successful Corporate Overview Video:

1. Keep it personal. 

2. Play to your strengths.

3. Be brief. 

At Defcon Media when we produce a corporate overview video, we make sure your business achieves the intended impression and crystallize your company’s story for the public as well as your own employees and shareholders.

2. How-To Video (Explainer Video)

Quite simply, How-To Videos show you “how to” use a product or service. You can go with a simple set of instructions, but a video is just much more efficient and useful for your customers.

A good question to ask:  Is your audience already excited about your product?

How-To Videos work best when the audience is curious and ready to learn. If you’re still trying to convince them why they should care, a How-To Video may be getting ahead of yourself.

 A video can show in seconds what may be challenging to explain in words over many minutes. Focus on what’s essential to actually use your product. How-to Videos work best when using the product seems intuitive. Don’t get mired in the details and try to explain all the features. Start simple: state the goal, demonstrate how your product achieves that goal, and show the results.

Using screen capture software and a narration recorded with your iPhone can lead to a video that is less than inspiring, but a professional voiceover and a creative composition go a long way. With a little design help, you can have a How-To Video that stands out on YouTube and you will make your company proud.

Landing pages with video have up to 800% more conversion that the same page without a video


With all the information available online, customers no longer seek out a salesperson until they already know what they want. According to CEB, buyers don’t even engage with vendors until they’re 57% of the way through the buying process. With an Expert Analysis Video you can reach these customers and address their questions now, all the while differentiating yourself from your competitors.

When customers are in the research stage, they have large appetites for information and longer attention spans. They want the full picture in order to determine the positives and negatives of your product or service. It’s important to get your message and the tone just right because if your Expert Video starts to feel more like a commercial than a reliable source of information, that attention will disappear quickly. An Expert Video is not promotional but is a way to build customer confidence and show how you stand out from the competition.

Click-through-rates for emails increase by 96% if they include video.

4. Product / Promotional Video

Promotional Videos are a great way to generate additional interest in your company’s important announcements and promote upcoming events, press releases, and product launches. They go far beyond simple facts and figures. With insight, pertinent new information and the charm of a story, they are effective capturing the curiosity of your audience and adding implicit credibility to your message. An effective promotional video gives a clear introduction to what you want to promote while also kindling your audience’s curiosity.

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